Veronica "Vex" Cervantes

Debuting Vex, a Deadly Cyber Ninja!

Veronica Cervantes held the world high score in the video game phenomenon OWND. As a reward, she was invited by Skid Ants Intra-Active to be the first brave cybernaut to test their ambitious new project: Virtual Extreme X-perience. She went to their top-secret studio, tried on the tactile suit and plugged in. It was surreal.

Hours of gaming had forged her into the ultimate player, and the new technology couldn’t keep pace. She racked up a high score so far beyond program parameters, it short circuited. Sparks flew and monitors shattered as the program dumped petabytes of gamer knowledge into her psyche, imbuing her with the strength and skills of the assassin she played in the game.

The technicians rushed to check on her. Vex was unaware she had returned to reality and perceived them as a horde of space-goblins, which she dispatched to the nether-realm before stumbling back out into the world. In a search for more cyber foes, Vex eventually discovered PWND tournaments and continued her deadly game of cyber domination.


Vex is a cyber ninja who relies on speed, melee attacks and a tenuous grasp on reality to take down her opponents. She’ll pull you close with a GRAPPLE HOOK, then strike a deadly blow with her sword dubbed CYBER SABER.

Fragile, yet highly agile with her deployable SAVE CRYSTAL (teleport beacon) Vex can escape battles, sneak behind an enemy, or carry them off to PWN in private. She’s elusive, and ethereal while using her Phase ability. It gives her the power to avoid projectiles and soften the blow of heavy fire – even shields can’t contain this minx!