New PWND Updates are LIVE!

The new PWND updates are now LIVE so go ahead and download the latest and greatest!


9/19/17 Update Notes:

NEW CHARACTER: Vex- A Deadly Cyber Ninja!
Meet Vex, a hardcore gamer turned cyber ninja assassin due to a disaster involving a top-secret experimental VR game. Petabytes of gamer knowledge overloaded her psyche, and she’s now trapped in the video game world unable to distinguish it from reality. Vex dominates her enemies, imbued with the strength and skills of the assassin she played in the game.

Vex is reliant on speed and melee attacks, and her unusual strengths give her an ethereal quality. She can teleport with her SAVE CRYSTAL to surprise an enemy, and before they can react a GRAPPLE HOOK has pulled them in close for a deadly CYBER SABER strike. To protect herself from enemy payback, Vex uses her Phase ability to soften the blow of heavy fire and avoid projectiles- even shields can’t contain this minx!


NEW LEVEL: The Pit- An Underground Quarry!
The Pit is a PWNer’s dream!! There’s no better place to hold a PWND Tournament than this sketchy underground quarry brimming with toxic waste. Adrenaline pumping danger lurks at every turn in this high-octane arena full of long corridors, endless obstacles, and multiple floors and platforms. Explosive-happy PWNers will find all the chaos they crave here, so revel in The Pit and fire off your rockets!

How did PWND League organizers find this gem? Well, each LAZER-US respawn pod generates trace amounts of toxic byproduct, which Maintenance workers collected and dumped into The Pit. League location scouts stumbled on the nuclear sludge splattered quarry during a routine search, and when doing the site inspection they saw limitless hazards and fell in love with the place. Only the finest PWND arenas would reek this much of reckless danger.


CUSTOM MATCH: Choose your Friend or Foe!
Which of your friends has better PWNing skills than you? Maybe you’re a badass, and simply haven’t had a chance to prove it yet. Match up with any friend you choose with Custom Match.

No need to play 3v3 anymore! Party up with friends and set up the matches your way. Custom Match options are endless, just don’t forget about the rest of us because we’ll miss PWNing with you!


Customize with PWND Credits!
You can now use those PWND Credits* you’ve PWND hard to earn! No need to wait for Loot Crates, just head on over to the Customize menu and unlock the character skin, weapon skin, or whatever you’ve had your eye on with PWND Credits!

*PWND Credits are awarded by completing your Daily Missions and by receiving duplicate items in your Loot Crates.


Challenge Mode – SPLICE EDITION!
Have you mastered Hank’s Challenge levels to the point that you could complete them in your sleep? Now you can ramp up your skills with Splice too! If you can leap around with ease at great speed here, then you’ll surely become a PWN Master in the arena and defeat your enemies.


Your Feedback Helps
PWND is still in early access, so there are plenty of fixes coming. We still want to hear your feedback, and it matters to us! If you see a problem, please tell us either in the feedback or support-bugs channel on Discord, or send a message to: We are here to help. Our goal is for everyone to have such a great time playing PWND that all their friends to join the fun too!