October Spooktacular Surprises


Get in the Halloween Spirit with NEW Costume Skins for all your favorite PWND Characters! Complete the spooky ensemble with a festive weapon skin, and leave a fearsome mark in your wake with a Halloween PWN Stamp- it’s a gift that keeps on scaring.


PWND wouldn’t be PWND without an intense, no-holds-barred competition for a badass title and taunting rights- it’s what PWNing’s all about!! In a world where life is free, honor is everything. The NEW Tournament mode makes league set up easy, so team up and blast your way to the top of a Stack…or be PWND to the bottom.

How does it work? Leaders generate two codes (one per team), then distribute the codes to the players on their respective teams. Players input the code in game, and are placed in the lobby with their teammates.

The Tournament Setup is as Follows:
• Game Mode is Team PWN
• Two teams of 3 players
• Matches are played on randomly selected maps
• Score to Win is 80 points

Want to win, brag, and maybe get some PWND swag? Then find the PWND League channel on Discord (http://discord.gg/pwnd) and join the mayhem!

Take your talent with the ladies to another level with NEW Challenge Modes for Ito and Vex!! Train both of them into tiptop shape with 10 different challenges and unlock two Exclusive PWN Stamps for each as a reward.

Don’t PWN alone! Winning is easiest and most fun with friends. Why not trick them into joining your league team by giving them PWND as a treat? *wink wink*