The best parties have plenty of people, and a PWNparty is no different. Now that we’ve lowered the price, let’s invite all of our friends to rocket around the arena with us!

New Loot

We’ve just added 24 unique PWN Stamps, plus Vanoss AND Syndicate skins! These are free for a limited time (for users who play this week).

Calling our OG Players

For anyone who had played PWND before this patch today, you will be given the following:

  • Free Ito Skin: Kabuki Phantom
  • Free Hank Skin & PWN Animation: PWNMaster X! (Visit our Facebook page to watch him in action in our latest video.)
  • 10 Loot Crates

Coming in September

NEW Character, a NEW level, and the NEW “Custom Match” gameplay option. Stay social, and check back to find out what we’ve got planned for October.

In addition to all the new, shiny things everyone is getting we’ve fixed a few bugs:

  • Party Improvement Bug Fixes
  • Bot Improvement Bug Fixes

As always, please let us know if you experience any issues with the game. HAPPY PWNING, PARTY PWNERS!