PWND Alpha Build 7/7 Update

Current Build: v.2017.6.1-55920 – PWND Alpha Release Notes:

New Character!
Splice: A high-mobility mutant whose preferred strategy is to slow opponents down with his time abilities and then finish them off at close range with his shotgun.

Loot and Customize:
Loot: You now earn Loot Crates after gaining a level that award cosmetic items such as Character Skins, Weapon Skins, and Voice Lines.

Customize: Use cosmetic items earned from Loot Crates to customize the look of your characters!

In Game Options:
We’ve added support for adjusting options while playing in a match. Simply press ESC while playing. You can also mute players from this menu.

Known Issues:

  • Some players may not earn XP after matches. We are actively working on this issue.
  • Controllers do not work for navigating the menus, but work in game.
  • In some menus, the ESC button doesn’t work for going back to the previous screen.
  • Some PWN Stamps may be tiled across the screen after being PWND by an enemy.