Challenge Mode is here!

We’re excited to announce new content that’s FREE for all PWND game owners!

It’s time to truly make those PWNs count by taking on our new single player, 20 level gauntlet of PWNtacular intensity knows as Challenge Mode!

So… what’s Challenge Mode?

Challenge mode is a new single player platforming mode. In this mode, players will race against the clock to get the best time, collect hidden coins, and unlock exclusive PWN stamps by collecting every coin in each set. For each set of levels (5 levels) if you manage to collect all 3 coins in each level, you’ll unlock a PWN stamp exclusive to that set of levels, so make sure to collect them all!

Currently, the levels are geared towards Hank – but that doesn’t mean we aren’t working towards other characters down the road. We’re just not ready to release more info or a timeline yet. BUT STAY TUNED!

This patch also contains the following fancy, exciting and new features:

• Practice Mode
Practice any character on any map
Add bots to practice against

• Party system improvements – various bug fixes should make the system more stable and usable overall

• Bots for backfill – bots will now backfill matches when a player leaves

• Bots to help fill in matches when queue times reach a long wait time

That’s all the current and great awesomeness now in PWND. Remember, visit us on Discord [] to tell us what you think, how many PWN Stacks you’ve gotten, what your favorite pizza topping is, etc.