Grapple in THE PIT!

The Pit is a PWNer’s dream!! There’s no better place to hold a PWND Tournament than this sketchy underground quarry brimming with toxic waste. Adrenaline pumping danger lurks at every turn in this high-octane arena full of long corridors, endless obstacles, and multiple floors and platforms. Explosive-happy PWNers will find all the chaos they crave here, so revel in The Pit and fire off your rockets!

How did PWND League organizers find this gem? Well, each LAZER-US respawn pod generates trace amounts of toxic byproduct, which Maintenance workers collected and dumped into The Pit. League location scouts stumbled on the nuclear sludge splattered quarry during a routine search, and when doing the site inspection they saw limitless hazards and fell in love with the place. Only the finest PWND arenas would reek this much of reckless danger.