Early Access Details

Attention GentlePWNers, friends, and players: We have a rather important announcement that we wish to share about PWND. We have some great news! Thanks to all the help you’ve given us testing out PWND, we’re now in the final stretch and are gearing up to officially bring PWND to the Early Access Steam marketplace NEXT WEEK!

What does this mean exactly?

Here’s the need to know details about when PWND goes Early Access:

  • All accounts will be wiped and reset as we’ll be launching some pretty hefty updates on the backend for stability for our game launch next week
  • To play PWND, you’ll have to purchase the game BUT once you purchase the game, you’ll have access to all the content, no paywalls here, yo.
  • For helping us with playing the game while in its Alpha and Beta state, we’ve been trackin’ who’s been out there and PWNing and we’re going to reward you with a free exclusive goodie to be delivered within the first few weeks of PWND’s Early Access launch

I know that’s a lot of changes but it’s changes that have to happen so we can bring out more content, more servers, and more players to PWND. We can’t thank people enough for playing during our beta period and helping to make PWND better – that’s why when we go fully live, I’m going to run a code giveaway on Discord to get some of y’all some free PWND goodness since so many of you have been there with Smii7y memes and we will never forget you.

Thank you again and I can’t believe I get to help say this IT’S ALMOST TIME TO GLOBAL PWN! ~Toodles!