The best parties have plenty of people and a PWN-party is no different. That’s why PWND is now FREE TO PLAY!

Be ready to PWN or be PWND in this fast-paced, rocket arena shooter set in a dystopian future. Score the most points by doing a victory dance over downed enemies: because in a world where life is free, honor is everything.

What are you waiting for? Visit Steam to download PWND and become the ultimate badass or prepare to recieve enthusiastic humiliation!


For Our OG Players

You all rock, and it’s time to shine! As a thank you to those who bought the game, we’re giving loot crates and the warm fuzzy feeling of our gratitude!

Since attitude is the essence of PWND, you’ll stand out from the noobs with those flashy character skins and animations you’ve been vying for, and that edge from Hank’s beatboxing mix.


Don’t PWN Alone!

Games are always more fun with friends, and it’s much easier to scheme and unleash maximum PWNage with a squad GET THOSE PWN STACKS! Those 80 point stacks are tough, but teamwork makes the dream work.

PWND has such an awesome community, the best actually, and these PWNers are ready to throw it down with some fresh arena addicts. Everyone is happy to share game tips or sync up for a match.

Join our Discord channel ( We don’t bite, we just do the PWND dance religiously.