Ready for a new Challenge?

We just launched our new Challenge Mode where we push your PWND skills to the limit in 20 brand new single player levels! And the best part? They’re FREE if you already own PWND!

So… what’s Challenge Mode?

In Challenge Mode, players will race against the clock to get the best time, collect hidden coins, and unlock exclusive PWN stamps by collecting every coin in each set. For each set of levels (5 levels) if you manage to collect all 3 coins in each level, you’ll unlock a PWN stamp exclusive to that set of levels, so make sure to collect them all!

Currently, the levels are geared towards Hank – but that doesn’t mean we aren’t working towards other characters down the road. We’re just not ready to release more info or a timeline yet. BUT STAY TUNED!

For the full breakdown of what’s in this patch, check out our full patch notes right here:

Now hurry up and get to PWNIN’!